Saturday, March 2, 2013

Peter's planetary birthday cakes

So after we managed to avoid doing pretty much anything for about two months after Molly was born, Ivy decided to singlehandedly book a weekend, which also managed to be the weekend of Peter's birthday.  So we couldn't celebrate his birthday the night of, because she had her awards ceremony for her painting, and we couldn't celebrate it the day after because she had her gymnastics thing (and there was a Relief Society thing I wanted to go to, so I suppose that was my fault) so we had to float his birthday celebration to Monday night.  It's kind of hard figuring out how to celebrate the second birthday anyway.  They are too young to do much, and they don't have a ton of friends anyway.  We had a big party for Ivy's second, but I was kind of trying to Murphy's Law out Arthur before the school cutoff. I thought for sure that if we planned a big party the baby would come and just RUIN everything.  I guess Murphy and his stupid law saw right through that one though.  With Arthur we just called Ivy's party a combined birthday party, and a lovely time was had by all.  So I guess Peter kind of got the shaft since all we did was take him to Chuck-E-Cheese, which is SO inferior to the Showbiz Pizza of my youth all we can do every time we go there is marvel at how lame it all is.  We didn't even get Peter a present, since it is impossible to just pick up what we decided to get him at local stores, so we had to have it shipped, and of course we didn't realize that until  the last minute. So it may be an Easter present, or MAYBE a St. Patrick's day present. I was kind of thinking it should be a Mom's birthday present, but I don't want to start any bad habits that way.  
 But I really wanted to do SOMETHING for Peter's birthday ON his actual birthday, so I decided to make him some cakes.  I had the idea of planet cakes rattling around in my head anyway because it seemed easy and fun, while still being cool enough to impress the kids. Peter really loves the solar system right now anyway, as they all do.  He had a Mercury book from the library, and he chased me around with it all the time demanding "Murka, murka." So I made him a solar system, and I'm so proud of myself for so doing that I'm blogging about it.  So the top picture is the inner planets and the asteroid belt.  They are just appropriately frosted cupcakes and marshmallows.  The asteroids were kind of a spur of the moment addition because Peter wanted me to buy them at the store, and since it was his birthday and I'm a pushover I complied.  Earth looked better before Peter ate most of South America.  And above is Jupiter (duh).  I think I'm proudest of that one.  I didn't spend much time on it at all (or any of them, long story that involves Neptune and Uranus disintegrating and needing very serious repairs and cooling time, thus throwing off my whole schedule since I HAD to leave with Ivy in time for her awards ceremony, something I did despite all of the caking and I STILL managed to get there fifteen minutes late because I got REALLY lost even though the awards were within five miles of my house. If even.)  But anyway, isn't Jupiter COOL????  Yes, thank you.  Moving on.  
And Saturn. I spent like an hour on the internet trying to figure out how to make good Saturn rings, but it was surprisingly quiet on the subject.  I suppose this is what I get for my continued refusal to get on Pinterest.  So left to my own devices I made two little ring extensions out of cardboard (a diaper box no less) and just popped them in the side. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out though, they look like fancy scientific pictures of the rings, since it is all just a bunch of rocks and debris.  Lovely!  
 And nothing special down there, just Uranus and Neptune.  They are frosted, but not terribly well.  Maybe they should have thought of that before disintegrating.  And Pluto is back there, because in our house, Pluto is still a planet.  

 And there's Peter with his cakes listening to the birthday song.  He needed some coaching to blow the candles out.  
Peter chose to eat Mars. 
 And Mars is delicious.  
 And Arthur decided to eat Venus.  Ivy, who can engage in more sophisticated calculations here, chose to eat a slice of Saturn, specifically one that came with a sprinkle-laden ring.  I ate the Earth.  Over the course of the next couple days I singlehandedly ate Jupiter too.  I'm not going to lose the baby weight that way.  
And there's Peter in his crib with his both of his mickey blankets, his mickey jammies and his mickey stuffed animal at the end of his birthday.  We are slowly phasing him out of his crib to make room for his rapidly growing sister, so I wanted to get a shot of the end of his sweet little baby crib-sleeping time.  They just grow up so fast.  

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